jeudi, février 03, 2005


Karaoké Kalk first tour started in Paris yesterday evening at Point Ephémère. The venue was closed: the police was taking (foot?) prints, since Point Ephémère sound system had been stolen during the night. The first date of the tour was a very sad evening for Takeo Toyama who flew from Japan with two girls playing cello and marimba. The girl's cello had the right to have its own seat in the Berlin/Paris flight without paying a supplement. Thanks Lufthansa! We went with Karaoke Kalk boss, Thorsten Lütz, along the canal Saint Martin in a bar called Chez Prune, were we drank wine until late. Thorsten said that he has to be careful when playing in Lubjana, Zagreb, Belgrade, to not say: "we are so happy to play here in Serbia" if it's Croatia or Slovenia...

Tell me the distance I will tell you the direction.

Here is a poem I wrote today (if someone wants to write a translation I will put it on Mitsu)

M'être plaint des bruits que produisaient
Le jour dans la forge aux fruits de ce Géant

A fait se lever en moi une lâcheté
Qui ne m'autorise plus que la Nuit.