dimanche, février 20, 2005

Fondation Vasarely inside

In 1993 when we were living in Marseille, I wanted to visit the Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence. But it was closed for a long long time: the director embezzled a lot of money. He also was the doyen of the law faculty in the same city!

Years later, the same man became the personal law consultant of Togo's ex-dictator Eyaméda. He helped to by-pass the Togo's constitution recently, so that the dictator's son could take his father's seat. He is what we call a typical françafrique white collar hooligan.

In 1995 we visited the Vasarely Foundation and I must say it was an enchantment. I also had a bizarre feeling, as if the artist had a strong désir de domination. It's not surprising to see this strange connection today.