mardi, décembre 21, 2004

I tried to read Lipstick Traces for the second time and closed the book for the second time after 40 pages. I hate this book. This Marcus man is less serious in his seriousness than the Pistols were in their idiotism and he also thinks he is writing a punk essay, opening a new direction. It is not an essay, it is not a book. It is nothing and less than a magazine. For me Rock is the last solution before commiting a suicide. Rock is the necessary. I love the rock attitude when it is Asia because Asia is sexy and Marcus is a nut.
Then I switched the TV on and Arte played an other X-boring-rated movie, right after the new Bergman. La Pianiste from Haneke: this movie sounded so fake and so artificial, a pure product of the intelligentsia for the most boring intelligentsia. Intelligence can be funny and entertaining. The very bad art always makes me angry. Art has to be necessary. Art is very serious even when it is pure entertainment. If I do unnecessary art it's better for me to walk my imaginary dog or masturbate him.