vendredi, novembre 19, 2004

Tarnation was a nice movie, but I felt like I've already seen it. Some of it in Julian Donkey Boy, the fabulous Harmony Korine's movie. And also in a 1998 french movie by a very young filmmaker: Remi Lange did a long movie (originally shot in super 8) about his coming out as a gay in his family. He tells his grand-mother that he is a gay since he was a kid, while filming her reaction. She is ok and sad. She regrets that she won't have grand children. Tarnation has the same taste, but it is full of self-pity and pathos. Remi Lange did a very courageous movie recently. It's called Tarik El Hob. It's a movie about homosexuality in the young french-arabian generation. We call them les beurs.