lundi, novembre 22, 2004

I have just finished one song for Yvan Améry's soundtrack. Since I will name every song from quotes I did in the manuscript of his book, the title will be: "Elle retire sa culotte". It is a song about a woman who's taking her panties of. I love the french words that end with otte: biscotte, culotte. Maybe I will write "Elle retire sa biscotte" next.

Went to see Pinocchio by Comencini (1972). A film director who did know how to film and how to move the children. The music by Fiorenzo Carpi also helps a lot. As a kid, the theme made me cry. It was still moving, 30 years later. I thought that the cinema place would be filled with children, it wasn't. Is Pinocchio an adult tale? He has this very special nose...

After Pinocchio, Peau d'Ane by Jacques Demy (1970). Watching Jean Marais as a king in his ladybird dress, sitting on a giant cat shrine, is a funny moment. But the true revelation is the beauty and the spirit of Delphine Seyrig. L'essence de la femme francaise, more than Catherine Deneuve, Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot. She's got everything.