vendredi, octobre 01, 2004


My politics is in my art, especially in the new album...

Visiting North America:


New York at Fez, 01/30;
New York at Fez, 01/31;
Wesleyan College Massachussets w/Magnetic Fields, 02/03;
Boston at Middle East w/Future Bible Heroes 02/04;
Providence at Century Lounge w/Richard Davies 02/05;
Swarthmore College w/Magnetic Fields, 06/02;
Washington at Black Cat w/Magnetic Fields 02/07;
Atlanta at Criminal Store, 02/11;
Atlanta at MJQ Concourse 02/11;
Chicago at Empty Bottle, 02/13;
Los Angeles at No Life Records, 02/18;
Los Angeles at Luna Park, 02/19;
San Francisco at Peacock Lounge, 02/21

(Tour with Momus)

New York, at Fez, 10/13;
New York, at Fez, 10/14;
Boston, at Middle East, 10/15;
New York, at Fez, 10/16;
New York, at Fez, 10/17;
Philadelphia, at The Khyber, 10/20;
Washington, at Black Cat, 10/21;
Detroit, at Magic Stick, 10/22;
Chicago, at Empty Bottle w/Aluminium Group, 10/23;
Chicago, at Empty Bottle, 10/24;
Chicago, at Reckless Records, 10/25;
Los Angeles, at Spaceland, 10/29;
San Francisco, at Bottom of the Hill, 31/10;
San Francisco, at Bottom of the Hill, 11/01;
Seattle, at Aro Space, 11/04;
New York, at Mercury Lounge, CMJ Music Marathon w/Komeda, 11/06;
New York, at Luna Lounge, 11/07

(Tour with Momus)


Boston, at Tower Cambridge, 10/25;
Boston, at Middle East, 10/26;
New York, at Knitting Factory, 10/27;
New York, at Knitting Factory, 10/28;
Hoboken, at Maxwell�s w/David Grubbs and Archer Prewitt, 10/29;
Philadelphie, at Spaceboy and Nick�s, 10/30;
Washington, at Black Cat, 10/31;
Athens, at Caledonia Lounge, 11/02;
Atlanta, at Echo Lounge, 11/03;
Houston, at Rudyards, 11/05;
Austin, at Emo�s, 11/07;
Los Angeles, at Troubadour, 11/09;
San Francisco, at Bottom of the Hill, 11/11;
San Francisco, at Amoeba records, 11/12;
San Francisco, at Bottom of the Hill, 11/13;
Portland, at Reed College, 11/14;
Portland, at EJ�s, 11/15;
Seattle, at Aro Space, 11/16;
Minneapolis, at 400 Bar w/ Sloan, 11/18;
Chicago, at Double Door, 11/19;
Detroit, at Magic Stick, 11/20;
Waterloo (Canada), at Jane Bond, 11/23;
Toronto, at El Mocambo, 11/24;
Montreal, at Jailhouse, 11/25;
New York, at Fez, 11/26;
New York, at Fez, 11/27

(Tour with Momus and Kahimi Karie)


New York, CMJ Festival at Fez 10:08 ;
Brooklyn, at Good/Bad Art 10/12 ;
New York, at Knitting Factory 10/13 ;
New York, at Void 10:14


New York, CMJ Festival, at Fez, 10:12


Montreal, at Jupiter Room, 09/28;
Ottawa, at Cafe Deckuf with Pierre Crube 10/01;
Quebec, at Le Temps Partiel, 10/02;
Kingston, at Scherzo Pub, 10/03;
Toronto, at Victory Cafe, 10/04;
Waterloo, at Jane Bond, 10/05

(Tour with Montag)