mardi, juillet 20, 2004

Singers with words

TO is available in 4 bookshops in France (Toulouse and Paris). We will have Bordeaux and Lille pretty soon.

TOOG's new album LOU ETENDUE (produced by DIGIKI / TOOG, featuring ASIA ARGENTO) is about to be released, on both formats (LP/CD). The artwork is beautiful (if the colours are well printed). I only regret it doesn't come with a Digipack (which would have been more appropriate for a Digiki collaboration).
I am now starting a new musical work. It is an original soundtrack, it will be sold as a CD with the first Yvan Améry's novel, STYX. Améry is a young and super talented french author, who's also about to publish a bio of JEAN GENET in september. We first met at the CMJ Festival in New York, when he was a student at Columbia University.