dimanche, juillet 18, 2004

The beautiful colour of an eggplant

We had a nice launch party for the TO poetry magazine at the Galerie Nuitdencre. Some japanese friends came since they believed it was a Toog show... Ian Monk made an excellent performance, reading two different texts, the second one was extremely funny. Ian was coming back from an OULIPO atelier in Bourges. He gave me a copy of his new book, "Family Archaeology", published in Los Angeles by Make Now.

Noura Wedell red a few pages from "Freeland", the sci-fi novel she's working on. A novel about a fictional water war. During her reading, water spouts fell outside,  a sudden parisian monsoon that fitted very well with the subject. Florence red 2 poems of Evelyne "Salope" Nourtier, the famous nymphomaniac and mystic poet who died in 2002. We were honoured to have the legendary poet oulipien Jacques Roubaud in the place.

We went to the New Nouillaville in Belleville for dinner. Noura told me her recurrent dream in which she's masturbating young children. I was drinking a cold tea with milk and spit it all on the table. Thomas made fun of my haircut and white shirt as if he was jealous of it.  Florian sayed that his grandfather was Edith Piaf's bass player (before working with Jean-Claude Vannier, Melody Nelson) and he refused to have sex with the little Menilmontant's singing monkey.

Incredible strangeness of Momus recordings of Tokyo life soundtrack, on his live-journal. Melancholic music for happy moments. How is it working? It sounds like faltering music for a new start, right after the end.

It's been four nights that I am dreaming of school environments. Almost nightmares in which I am a teacher overwhelmed by the chaos of children, coming too late, lost in elephant translation corridors, trying to escape the nightmare. In the last dream I could escape. Suddenly I was in a room in the top of a building, watching a movie that was being shot in a field. I saw strange accessories used for the film: 10 meters long eggplants lying in the field near the cameras.