samedi, juin 19, 2004

Pet portrait

I met Anne Laplantine and her boyfriend Xavier in the street, as I was walking down Montmartre, just before entering my bank le Credit Lyonnais, and bawling out the employee who wants me to pay 200 euros for the bank ordinary free service.

I sometimes get terribly angry. The last time was a few months ago, when I broke my left arch over the eyebrows at 4 AM in my father's house, as I was searching for the pipi room. Florence almost fainted when I switched on the light, when she saw my face covered with blood.

I was furax cos she became too sick for helping me. One hour later I got terribly angry in the hospital. The doctor, after having done his haute couture job, vanished without having talked with me. I opened all the doors until I eventually found her sitting amongst the nurses. I applauded and shouted the louder I can "bravo, very good job, excellent contact".

Anne, Xavier, some of their friends and I went to "Le Palais de Tokyo" for the Martin Creed concert. A concert in which the singer sings a song that starts at 1 and ends at 100 cannot be wrong. Cannot fake feelings. Some of the lyrics are about words letters. It's a difficult question, to write lyrics in 2004; if it's becoming too hard...

Let's become a wildlife or a pet portrait painter.