jeudi, juin 10, 2004

Giving the symbols a chance

"Le Bleu des Origines", Philippe Garrel. A B/W movie, one hour long, silent, with Nico, Zouzou, Garrel himself. The movie starts with shots of Nico standing on the top of the Opera, near the statues. By day, by night. She is a goddess amongst other gods. Nico is often filmed in this environment, statues, columns, giant stone stairs.

Zouzou is more human. She shows an old photographs album of her family to Nico. Nico cries many times when alone, but she smiles when she's hanging out with Zouzou. Zouzou sleeps, smokes, dreams, moves. Nico is like a statue, which can smile. As usual, Garrel is the most brilliant film maker, when he shoots close-up portraits of women.

Garrel shoots pain, it's what we can also see in "Les Hautes Solitudes" or "La Cicatrice interieure". Speaking with a friend after the film, I said that Garrel is filming a taboo: the suffering with no words, without hope, with no relief. It has something to do with the end of Utopia. It also has something to do with the search of oneself, the only risk in human life.