vendredi, mai 28, 2004

Shimmy with me!

Shimmie was danced after WWI and came from voodoo dance. There's a Harold Lloyd's movie in which he tries to not shimmy, but he can't and eventually, he's thrown away from the saloon.

MINIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL is out. It includes a short story by Toog, "FRANGE" (fringe), illustrated by Florence Manlik. A short story about a skyscraper covered with hair... The magazine is about rock culture (hair, cars, roadies) and is curated by Marie-Pierre Bonniol.

Thanks to Marie-Pierre, I eventuelly found a printer for our poetry magazine, TO. It will be lauched in july 2004. It's 64 pages, bilingual, and the designer is Rémi Gérard-Marchant. As everybody knows, poetry is the quickest way to make your first million. (the million obsession)