jeudi, mai 20, 2004

Fuck the duck.

Matthew Jacobson and his wife Leigh came to my place, this afternoon. His record label, "Le Grand Magistery", has been releasing my two first albums in the USA. Strange to meet him right after my coming back from Berlin.

I remember their wedding in the Slocane valley, in British Columbia. A valley that is famous for its marijuana. So famous that you could meet the Stones in the 70's there and still can cross Snoop Dogg now. Also famous for its bears and cougars.

Matt and Leigh saw one bear the night they got married. I wrote a song about the bears in British Columbia, it's called "the black bear". I also heard a story of a man eaten by a grizzly, being watched by his friend from a tree.

Matthew did some mind reading and asked us to think about something. He left the room and we decided to think of the duck, that is also a telephone in my studio. Then he came back and couldn't find it first, saying:

"I'm having a hard time right now."

Suddenly he announced that he was thinking of something that was "Fuck". He was almost right. What was the trick? His wife Leigh stayed with us. Do they have a secret communication system? Fuck is close to Duck. How does it work?