dimanche, mai 30, 2004

Back to the basic with J.T. Leroy and Asia Argento

"The Heart is deceitful above all things"

For me, the movie is perfect from the beginning to the end of the second Jeremiah's preach in the streets. After such an amazing performance as a child-priest, I was thinking that the second kid will be offered as an extraordinary role as the first one. But this was his only "big" performance, his role wasn't as developped as the first boy, as if there was some "fatigue" in the script.

The new Jeremiah doesn't carry a new rythmn, a new registre. Watching this third part of the movie, I am slowly missing something in the second part: the days of the first Jeremiah in the grand father's house weren't developped enough to create a surprise when the mother is back with a truck driver. Then, again, you have this crazy life you already know, until the end.

About the roles: the first little boy is incredible, Asia is also perfect as Sarah, Fonda and Muti are not. They don't exist in real as Sarah does, they sound like cliches, they have no thickness, they are rather drafts than characters. Manson is great playing what we call here a "beauf", I only regret that he doesn't have more time. The soundtrack, especially the Marco piano pieces, are beautiful. Marco should write a piano album, like the Sakamoto's BTTB.

Le film dans son ensemble m'a paru vraiment bon, bien meilleur que "Scarlet Diva".

"The Heart is Deceitful above all things" makes me think of "Wanda" by Barbara Loden, the best road movie I have ever seen. The parcours of the two women (Sarah/Wanda) is similar. Kids fighting against misery have been remarkably filmed recently, by the young french actress Isild Le Besco, in "Demi-Tarif".