lundi, juin 24, 2013

This is our new home.
Paris 12ème. 
And this is post 1000.

vendredi, juin 07, 2013

I shot Riorama the last year, during an artist residency at La Jasserie du Mont Pilat. It was presented during the exhibition «Des Paysages» (Greenhouse, Saint-Etienne, France). La Jasserie is a place where Jean-Jacques Rousseau lost his beloved dog Sultan. There is also a legend telling that Ponce Pilate moved to Gaule and commited suicide here. In the film, Riorama is a summer holidays resort utopia. In fact, it was a real project by the architect & utopist François Garas. The old cowherd Maurice, who I interviewed in the second part of the film, died a few days after the filming, as if sharing his memories was the last thing to do before departing. The titles have been translated by Edwin Monsanto. Please have a look and share!

jeudi, juin 06, 2013

I love the fact that the whole album is described as sensual and sexual :" Un désir charnel qui saisit chaque pore de la peau à peine l'enregistrement lancé " (musicforyourmind). Asia Argento is a muse. What does this anachronic word mean in 2013 ? I wish every reader of this blog to find a muse, male or female, giving a delicate creative energy, a strong appetite for the new.