mardi, mars 19, 2013

I'm not fond of Latin American music, but the music of Meridian Brothers is not limited by an immutable Latin American style, it is genius the same way Francis Alys is a Mexican genius in the art field. And this world really needs geniuses, they know how to revitalize the withered leaves of this place we live in. I recommand to listen and buy their work. The record label Staubgold is about to release a compilation. Here you can spend some time with Eblis Alvarez and the Meridian Brothers.

dimanche, mars 17, 2013

Medias, people, all around the world, even me, they all make fun of the new pope, jokes about him, criticizing this man for his supposed passivity during the cruel years in Argentina. A man who spent his life amongst the poor and chose to not live in the bishop mansion he was given in Buenos Aires, to stay humble amongst the humble. Do they know that being a pope is being chosen ? It is not ambition, strategies, petty calculations : it is the only power coming from service ; the only authority which is not coming from man, but from a promise made 2000 years ago. This is why it's still there, stupid.
The new pope fought against social injustice in his country. He was never at a loss for words, saying : « In this city (Buenos Aires), there are many girls who stop playing with dolls to enter the dump of a brothel because they were stolen, sold, betrayed ... In this city, women and girls are kidnapped, and they are subjected to use and abuse of their body; they are destroyed in their dignity. The flesh that Jesus assumed and died for is worth less than the flesh of a pet. A dog is cared for better than these slaves of ours, who are kicked, who are broken. » The new pope « visited both a mosque and an Islamic school in Argentina, visits that Sheik Mohsen Ali, the Director for the Diffusion of Islam, called actions that strengthened the relationship between the Catholic and Islamic communities. ». He deserves our deep respect, both as the descendant of the apostle Peter and for his action in Argentina.