mardi, août 16, 2011

By reading Rebecca Solnit's extraordinary book « Wanderlust: A History of Walking » (L'Art de marcher), I discovered the figure of Peace Pilgrim, the woman who started to walk for peace in 1953. She walked until she died, exactly 30 years ago. I recommend this hour long filmed lecture and also the documentary about her life.

dimanche, août 07, 2011

French nouvelle vague has never been my tasse de thé, apart from Louis Malle, who wasn't accepted by the nouvelle vague guerilla, even if he was pioneering it. My favorite movie from the French sixties is called « Les Grandes Gueules » (1965) directed by Robert Enrico, with Bourvil (also a singer), Lino Ventura, Michel Constantin amongst others. It was shot near the Gérardmer lake in the Vosges mountains, where we spent a few days; it is a story about wood.

Paul Newman shot a brilliant film close to « Les Grandes Gueules » in 1970, the fabulous « ‪Sometimes a Great Notion‬ ». Also a film about wood and the people who work in that industry. If you have a chance to see these two exceptional films, don't miss them. I hope that there is an English version of « Les Grandes Gueules » (the loudmouths); both films should be seen together.

mardi, août 02, 2011

I will be visiting Odensee in Denmark the next month, for a show at the Phono Festival. Last year, I played Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf, speaking to Werner Herzog in absentia during the set, playing my music, inviting friends to join me on stage (Felix Kubin red a scene of Molière with me in Hamburg, Momus played a robotic keyboardist in Berlin). This year will be more piano based show, less talk, more music, calm inner spaces disturbed by a cat in search of electronic mice.