mardi, mars 01, 2011

It's a very strange movie we saw at the Pompidou center. It's called « The Luminiferous Aether ». It was screened as part of an exhibition. So we were in the exhibition room, seated on gradins. The film is about a female physician who's experiencing the limits of human thought activity. She decides to go on an island where to find peace and stop the machine à penser. An extraordinary film, made by only 3 people: the director, a young man born in Texas and called Chris Kelly Immel, his beautiful actress Christèle Cervelle (her name means « brain »), and the musician Travis Weller who made the music instruments to make the music.

And here is a short presentation of my documentary film about the life of Jean-Jacques Perrey for an austrian TV. It's funny, kind of a remix. Good to see that life can go faster.