vendredi, septembre 10, 2010

Making a new documentary film about poetry in France. Recently, I met with poets Ivar Ch'Vavar (Ch'Vavar means "crab" in the picard language), a friend and for me, le plus grand poète français vivant. Filming also poets Lucien Suel in his garden, which is like a text with lines (of carrots, of leeks); and Pierre Garnier, poète spatialiste. In Garnier's yard, I filmed eggs & lions.

I also read a biography about Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa (also called "La Mère"; 1878-1973) who first came to India in 1914. Having been a parisian artist herself in the late XIXth century, having married a painter who was a student of Gustave Moreau, she's making a bridge between the fascination about orientalism & occultism in Occident during this period, and the 1960's. After Aurobindo decided to not be visible anymore (1926) Mirra ran their huge Pondichery Ashram for 50 years. She (through the hands of many disciples) created Auroville.