vendredi, août 27, 2010

I was very surprised to read about this 11 days long (!!!) traffic jam in China. My new album « Goto » starts with a song called « Traffic jam ». I've always written lines about it (a never released song even says: « je suis pour la prolifération des automobiles »). My song contains a sound sample from that amazing scene with Jack Nicholson at his best.

In Julio Cortazar's « Tous les feux, le feu », there is a short story called « L'Autoroute du Sud » in which the author describes one imaginary traffic jam that lasts a few days, in the south of France. La vie s'organise. It's funny and very much alive, like it must have been in China... The Luigi Comencini film « L'Ingorgo : Una storia impossibile » (1970) was based on it. It's called « Le grand embouteillage » in French.

Jacques Tati was also fond of traffic jams. He made this movie called « Trafic » ( only one f in French) between 69 and 71. He must have encountered traffic jam in financing the movie, as we find traffic jams in almost every social situation today.

mercredi, août 18, 2010

I spent the summer trying to find a solution against global warning. Here is the result: if we could reduce animal temperature to the same level as human beings (37°C), a giant diminution of the planet warmth would occur. How can we make it happen? Cooling down the atmosphere by cooling down animals must be based on a voluntary basis:

Horse 38°C
Seal 38°C
Baboon 38.1°C
Rabbits 38.3°C
Cows 38.6°C
Dogs 38.9°C
Cats 39°C
Goats 39.7°C
Birds 40°C

Elephants are not concerned (36.5°C) by this measure called refroidir les animaux.