lundi, juillet 26, 2010


From Hamburg, I took an ICE train to Berlin. I was sitting near a young woman who had a lot of candies in a big bag. Since I'm still a child when it comes to candies & biscuits (my favorite is still the Croissant de Lune from Bahlsen), we started to talk. She was a representative going to Berlin for trying to provide TV dressing rooms with her stuff. It was interesting to hear about trends in such a business. For instance, her company tried to sell Oreo in Germany 10 years ago and it didn't work. People said these black biscuits look disgusting. Now, it's so big that Oreo doesn't need a distributor anymore and work directly with the stores. In Denmark, the children have one candy stick which is a 100% vegetal one; a big success, but Germans don't like it. The Pepperidge Farm cookies are already successful in France, and the launch also works in Germany. Why? This is the mystery of cookies.