lundi, juin 14, 2010

Yesterday, I was reading in "Malle on Malle" by Philip French, the chapter relating to the film "Alamo Bay" (1985). After having spent weeks with the rural community of Glencoe, Minnesota, where he made a beautiful documentary by chance (he wanted to make a film about the Minneapolis mall (!) but the neverstopping music was a problem - he started to wander with his crew), Louis Malle decided to make a film about the "war" between American and Vietnamese fishermen, also refugees, on the Gulf of Mexico. A shrimp war. Surprisingly, I read today in the French news, an article about the Vietnamese fishermen community of Louisiana; they cannot work anymore.


If you live in Berlin, or if you have friends in Berlin, please come or tell them to come and see me at Bar 25 on friday evening (18th). At 10 PM there is my documentary film "Prelude to sleep" about Jean-Jacques Perrey. At 11 PM I will be on stage, reading, singing, trying new things (I can't say more). Thanks for passing the kutchie!