samedi, mars 06, 2010


Today I'm working on a book project: "Jonas vomi" (Jonas vomited). The title comes from an art brut painting, quoted by Gaston Chaissac. The book starts with stories about the origin of electronic sound, plastic & electronics; then it crosses autobiographical notes. There is also a mini-novel in the center, which is Jonas disparearing in the whale belly...
I received this proposal after having written a 4 pages article for the Novo free magazine in France. Novo is run by Philippe Schweyer, who also started a publishing company in Mulhouse. It's a 9000 copies magazine. According to the Media Institute in Barcelona, 9000 copies in France means an average of 500 000 readers (family, neighbours, friends, etc...). Philippe already published one excellent poetry & drawings book: "About rock, sex and cities". The poems are written by Denis Scheubel... When I was 16, Denis asked me to play the bass in a new wave band called the Jet Beuys (no; I rectify: the Jet Boys). Later, Denis became Big Mini and released two albums on Saravah, Pierre Barouh's record label (Brigitte Fontaine, Jacques Higelin...). Now Denis's artist name is S.i.n.e.d.. Henri Walliser, engraver & illustrator, was a camarade de classe. I remember that he already was making engravings at the age of 18.

The article will be published in the april issue of Novo, with 2 drawings by Flo.