vendredi, janvier 29, 2010

toit zinc

Paris 2003 canicule was an incredible heat. It killed 5000 people in a few days. 7 years later, we know nothing. No 'social profile' (what an icy word) of the victims was made. All what we know is: most of them were old. My thought hasn't changed: Paris houses have zinc roofs, top floors are extremely hot in the summertime (I know it by experience). Paris houses have become extremely expensive (price X 4 in 20 years; salaries X 2). Many people are unable to move to an other place; so it's probable that many victims were old people trapped by poverty in their top floor oven.

Haïti and Kobe (Japan) earthquakes have similarities: the 2 cities are almost the same size; almost the same Richter scale; 6500 victims in Kobe, but 200 000 (?) in Haïti: 30 times more, because of poverty and the bad quality of the constructions. But the two cities should definitely talk together. In the future, after the mourning in Haïti, it will become essential for the politicians to make a correct analysis of the social profile of all the victims. If Haïti knows it, then they could start to work from the beginning making the right decisions.