samedi, janvier 02, 2010


In the year 1996, I recorded my first album "Ergroun" for an indie label in Marseille, where I lived at this time. The guys from the Libellule label saw me in a concert and signed me immediatly; maybe because I released a living chicken in the venue during the show. They were slow and the CD eventually came out in 1998, only one year before "6633", which I usually call my first album. The title came from the Polaroïd frame, shot in the London tube. I like these songs, especially "Le genou des choses" (the knee of things). "Ergroun" is now available on Itunes (8$99) and other mp3 distributors; have a good time!

1. Tout va bien
2. Mauve
3. Le genou des choses
4. L'art et la manière
5. Jardiland
6. Le dé
7. A l'origine
8. L'été
9. Chinois
10. Retour à Capri
11. Aux quatre vents
12. Italia