jeudi, janvier 28, 2010

Last night I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about Haïti after a virtual flight over Port-au-Prince and the Hispaniola island. The satellite image is recent and taken after the 12th january; many destructions are visible, you can see tents in the stadium and many other places. You see the big white heaps of smashed buildings in the streets. You think of the many corpses (who used to be living people before 5pm, 12th january) trapped inside, without a sepulture. You see all the corrugated roof houses, everywhere in Port-au-Prince, from the airport to the mountains. An ambiguous thought occured to me: the poorest people probably don't live in the heavy & solid collapsed building. Most of the fragile houses seem to be still standing. I also think of a 32 years old priest from the church near my house, who spent 2 years in Santo Domingo and decided to fly to Haïti, to give a hand. To give a hand? It probably means to bury the late victims of the seism; to console the families; to start to reorganize the destroyed churches. I gave him poems. What an improbable gesture, to give poems for Haïti rather than money. Here is one: "amour oblige".