lundi, juillet 13, 2009


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It's been a while since the last time I checked the web to see if there is something new about Toog... which is a strange occupation. I haven't been releasing a new Toog album for years, so why should there be something new about Toog? First I googled TOO + one more different letter (like Q/X/M) + music, to find any new musician with the same first 3 letters (like TOOL or TOOP). I found a rap organization called TOOK on myspace, but it was hardcore and I'm such a timid person that I passed my webway. Later I found one word "Toog" in this african dialect called Wolof , and it can mean: to cook.

Fatou wara toog tey = Fatou should cook today

I don't know how they do pronounce, I guess it's like O+O, not OO... If one day I have a chance to meet someone from Senegal who can speak Wolof, I will ask. I used to learn one Togolese dialect called Ewe; this was 7 years ago when I wanted to go to Togo in Africa, for making an album entitled: Goto Togo (Toog anagrams). I still remember one Ewe sentence:

Mou le du mo ru = I cook some rice.

But more surprising as I was wandering between links was to find Toog quoted in this popular book for dummies, relating to a "Dab" music article. This is what it says:


Mozart wrote a lot of dab music, as do contemporary composers like Toog, Momus, Henry Purcell, Mr. Wright, and Belle and Sebastian.

I don't know if its a compliment or a curse, but whatever, it's my first appearance in a book.