jeudi, juillet 09, 2009

I'm in love with Luis Minarro's choices; he's the producer of Albert Serra, José Luis Guérin, Marc Rocha, Christophe Farnarier. Farnarier shot his first film just by himself, with a small Panasonic caméra. He followed an old catalan sheperd during his last transhumance and it's a beautiful film. There is one scene which has a mystical resonance. When I spoke with Farnarier after the screening, he told me that this scene gave the film its title: "El Somni". As a photographer, Farnarier shot Albert Serra's masterpiece Honor de Cavalleria. He also went to India with Luis Minarro for the producer's first movie, about religion. Like Louis Malle in 1968 when he shot the indian streets and villages, without script.

Everyone should also watch Louis Malle's Place de la République.