dimanche, mai 04, 2008

serre flammarion

Still working on a short movie script called the prepared piano. The first version would have cost too much and it was too long for a short film... I eventually figured out what was wrong in my story, thanks to Caroline R., filmmaker and script doctor, the girlfriend of long-time-no-see David Fenech. So today, instead of bathing under the big left sun, I will remain in shadow and cut short hair to my script.

You can read a new poem called Brutes on Les Cahiers de Benjy, my favorite poetry blog.

I drove yesterday through Juvisy in the southern suburbs, where there's an amazing castel with an abandonned observatory from the XIXth century: it was the house of Camille Flammarion, astronom, spiritist and a successful writer, the brother of Ernest who founded the publishing company. Flammarion, the publishing company, should give the money to restaure it, if the government doesn't.

The tainted glasshouses: one of Camille Flammarion's experiment about ray colours and plants growth: it was through the red glasshouse that the plants gave the best results.