jeudi, mai 22, 2008

emaz lichen

I do have probably 300 horses written, rode over and over, and little hope to see them all running free one day. Not because they are bad tempered (horse magazines had some of them pictured) but because this world seems to not need horses anymore, while more and more people ride horses or something related to horse. Less and less horse ranches, less and less horse magazines, less and less horse books readers, more and more riders. This is grand absurdism. No, this is perhaps a consequence of a market oriented world. Also, horse has something to do with attention, a treasure we lose if we're not paying (attention). Regarding the market culture, I have never seen a rider making his first million with horse riding (it could be funny to have a rider milliardaire), where it is still possible to make money with painting, music, writing, film. Horse riding is a parent pauvre de l'art and this is why it is extremely precious. Its poverty proves its honesty.

"There is something in our soul that loathes true attention much more violently than flesh loathes fatigue. That something is much closer to evil than flesh is. That is why, every time we truly give our attention, we destroy some evil in ourselves. If one pays attention with this intention, fifteen minutes of attention is worth a lot of good works".

"There is true desire when there is an effort of attention. It is truly light that is desired if all other motives are absent. Even if the efforts of attention remained apparently sterile for years, one day a light exactly proportional to these efforts shall inundate the soul".

Simone Weil, Attente de Dieu