lundi, décembre 31, 2007


The little Kondh sculpture seems to be a Goddess who's help has been refused by the male God of creation. Thus, the Goddess (a peacock or a buffalo) was given all the bad work on earth (death, pain, evil) while the male God was creating everything good. This is a very strange religion, in which the female principle is directly associated with inferno forces. I believe that, due to an unconscious principle of recognition, I may have knowned about the meaning of this sculpture without having heard of the Kondhs.

Fearing the female principle probably depends on the mother you had. A boy can develop the female principle instead of his mother, if she wasn't satisfied with it. As an adult, this man can be attracted by men. Or, if not, he can become unable to choose one woman, choosing every woman because of his tremendous fear.

Rosario Dawson

I really appreciated Tarentino's Death Proof. Similar questions: the second group of women in the film have the power and it's obviously a sexual power which is much stronger than the one of stuntman Mike. His macho mask is an easy to destroy mask while the female principle is indestructible, powerful with no limits. The destruction of the male principle at the end makes the girl very happy. But suddenly comes the end while the girls are beating stuntman Mike to death. The war between the two principles is finished and let the female principle alone.

It was nice to hear Chick Habit by April March at the end of the film. The first time I listened to this song was in 1995, when we met with the french journalist, writer, musician and label manager Jean-Emmanuel Dubois, who had then just released April March's debut album on his label Euro-visions. I saw Jean-Emmanuel's name in Tarantino's credits, which is a just revenge after years of obscure activity. Jean-Emmanuel was also one of the 80 people I sent a cassette of my music to in 1995. It was through him that we met with Nick Currie at the end of 1995. I remember that we spent the 95/96 new year's eve with Nick and Shazna, Place du Tertre.


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