mardi, octobre 16, 2007

WHY I'M NOT DOING P2P ANYMORE. The main reason is because I used to use Soulseek on my PC, but now, I separate the PC which is only for music and writing from the internet (MAC). Two different rooms. I lost concentration too easily, when internet was available. I don't know how to get Soulseek on the MAC. Soulseek seemed to be the best platform for cool music. I consider that a professionnal musician or an amateur éclairé should be able to do P2P freely, like a student going to the library. It's part of his work to listen to a lot of music. So my idea is to allow free P2P for the people who are able to justify this quality by a contract with an author society. The use of P2P would be payed by the author society and deducted on the musician statement, like a library subscription. Other people should pay more, because they only use music for pleasure. And there's no free pleasure on planet earth, except love.

Note 1: Some people even charge for love, directly or indirectly.

Note 2: There are a lot of pleasures that remain free in this bankable world. For instance, the sun is free. The ocean is free. In general, nature is free, as is friendship. You can eat blackberries or apples from the tree, drink water from a spring in the mountain, that gives a lot of pleasure too and it's all free. But for how long will remain Nature free, when everything around it is paying? Do some animals already share this mercantile behaviour? (I show you my butt if you give me a nut, says the Central Park squirrel).