mercredi, octobre 10, 2007

Wyatt 2007

An excellent Robert Wyatt interview by David Fenech & Wilfried Paris, in the last issue of Chronic'art. I sum up the last lines, about gratuité.

Do you know that your new album Comicopera is already on the P2P network, more than one month before its release?

It's a little bit scary, because releasing albums is all what I get for making a living. I'm not playing concerts. It's my only income. We have spent a lot of money on this record, a lot of time. It's a real problem. As if you'd go to the restaurant and leave without paying the bill. It's not correct...

Note 1: How do the journalists know that Comicopera's available on the P2P network?

Note 2: This photo has been stolen from the magazine.