vendredi, août 03, 2007

Isidore Isou, creator of the global poetry movement called Lettrisme, died the last week in Paris. He was 85 years old. I went to see his 1952 movie, "Traité de bave et d'éternité" (what a gorgious title) a few years ago, but never read his work. He inspired Guy Debord who, I guess (I've never read Guy Debord), stole a lot of ideas and concepts in Isou's obscure work. People like Isidore Isou don't have the regular charisma for public success. Isou also had a very bad temper, as it seems. Isidore was a kind of a toqué. But he was preparing the sixties revolution bien avant tout le monde, since 1945. Isou was also the last Rumanian coming to France for waking up our language and soul. I consider that all the modern times come from Rumania, through Tzara. Isidire Isou was from a city, Botosani, I visited in 1990. For me, the Rumanians are naturally poetic geniuses. Something that doesn't exist anywhere else shows up when they write poetry. Tristan Tzara, an other Rumanian, fed with the writings of Urmuz (a Rumanian pre-dadaist, who wrote around 1905), created a poetry magazine in Paris with Ilarie Voronca, an other rumanian poet. Tzara was far below Voronca as a poet, but who has ever heard of Voronca? Ilarie Voronca is one of my favorite poet of all times. And he is Rumanian; parisian and rumanian.