mercredi, juillet 04, 2007


It's been a while since the last update, an update that wasn't a real update. My recent past was very exciting since my friends were there: Antonin - Digiki and also Momus - Nick, the myth friend I like (miss) the most. Nick, who played his own role in a parisian show at La Flèche d'Or with the lovely Kumi Okamoto, from the Konki Duet & Kumisolo... Filming the recording of bees with an old Nagra in a swiss beehive wasn't an easy moment for the 78 years old Jean-Jacques Perrey, since the beekeeper dress was very hot. But the bees themselves were very gentle and didn't attack us, even if I was very close to their taking off board with my camera, filming their buzz with no protection but my faith and trust. Back to Paris, I intended to enter a terrorist school were you learn how to become as smart as Napoleon, but the hat was too small for my japanese head.