lundi, janvier 01, 2007

This poem is from a serie called bonjour la poésie, which has 2 meanings: the first is hello poetry and the second means bloody poetry. It's an antiphrasis. I hope the translation is ok.

poetry loses
it loses so much
it loses all what it gets
poetry loses all what it gets
but it has absolutely nothing

to lose

I'm obsessed with the idea of poverty in poetry, two words which only have one letter different. The idea(l) of poverty in poetry means to not produce artificial brilliance: the object itself, the poem, has to shine with no effect at all. Poverty in poetry is poetry without. And without is not an effect: it's before effect.

poetry has no limits
it knows its limits
but doesn't have them

Minimalism probably comes from my lutherian ancestors (mother's side). And twisted from the catholics (father's side). The lutherians are much too strict for becoming twisted: wether they turn mad or they keep the path. The catholics have enough room for twist.