lundi, novembre 27, 2006


Today is a glorious day for all birds! Cagesan the Bicheno finch, is having his debut album I love machine out! The design looks splendid, thanks to Elizabeth Creseveur, Florence Manlik and Rémi Gérard-Marchand's helpful hand. The website is online, thanks to Antoine Bédard (the génial Montag). It's already possible to order the record. It's great music, thanks to Cagesan and his 15 exceptional producers. You can check some songs of the bird's debut album on his myspace page.

It is the first time in music history that a bird is considered as a real artist, individually named and thus, able to release an album of his own. It is the first time in fashion history that a bird is opening his wardrobe (more about this on the press page - Vogue Uccellini). Each song on Cagesan's debut album has been named after one fashion outfit from his collection, designed by Florence Manlik.

I let you with this Cagesan's thought:

"We're regarded as 'outsider musicians', because humans don't speak our language. But truly, it's human music that is 'outsider language', as it imitates the fusion of music and language that we songbirds perfected millions of years ago…"