jeudi, novembre 23, 2006


I'm working on my next album Goto. Since we were very happy with the sounds added by Fashion Flesh on the Woodie Guthrie's cover (check myspace), it looks like John Talaga (the same man) will contribute to many different songs. Songs that fit with the Goto spirit are: Ebréché, Traffic jam, La chambre noire, Où va la vie, This land is your land, My house, Transports, Are visages electric, Alabama gay, Les monstres, I love you, Goto. That makes 12 tracks. The Goto album sounds like a post vintage Dodge because I try to create music with my 1966 orange soul. My dodgy* soul is not a motherboard's soul. Not yet!

* I don't know what dodgy means. I don't know what does post vintage mean, and it's really not important at all. I also don't know what means "motherboarded soul".