samedi, décembre 17, 2005


Right after 09/11, Mathew Jacobson from our label Le Grand Magistery moved from New York City to a far suburb near Nelson, in the Slocan valley (British Columbia). The true truth is here: it had nothing to do with 09/11. The reason was that new York is a city full of temptations. I think that after having lived amongst cougars and grizzlies, the mind reader and magician Mathew recovered. He is now searching for contributors for an Alphabet compilation, a very nice project.

Le Grand Magistery is in the process of compiling songs for a compilation album, the title of which has not yet been decided.


There will be 1 song each by 26 artists. The song you do must be about a letter of the alphabet AND the letter you sing about must be the first letter of your band's name (or your name if you are a solo artist). I don't believe an album exactly like this has ever been made, though I could be mistaken, and then again, what album is exactly like another anyway... Plans currently exist to sell this compilation exclusively via digital download (ie: iTunes), like the just released "A Very Magistery Christmas," though there is always the possibility that this will see the light of day on CD and/or vinyl, etc. No money is available from the label for recording. If your song is selected for inclusion we'll have a contract that will specify payment terms (ie: you'll recieve half of the money that LGM receives for sales of your song via iTunes and any other digital download sites). I can't wait to hear the finished album! Please get in touch if you have any questions and also feel free to pass this e-mail along, especially if you have any friends in bands that start with Q, X, and Z!

Best wishes as always,

Le Grand Magistery