mardi, décembre 06, 2005


One another incredibly sexy picture I took in Clamart (south of Paris). It's a very bad idea to hang the clean sheets on a rusty balustrade, since the clean and the rusty don't fit together. My advice is to hang the sheets on a clean string outside, in a field full of cows, sheeps, wind and bulls. Or to hang the sheets on the rusty balustrade without cleaning them at all. But why hanging dirty sheets outside? This is an interesting question I often ask myself.

Yesterday evening I went to the Spam Club in Pigalle for their weekly Sex Spam night. They had this wonderful band called Little Pussies and Small Tits who played their last album, called What did the dildo say?. It's very rock'n roll and fun. They are my favorite band right now. Here is the tracklist:

Little Pussies & Small Tits

1. Playing with huge dildos
2. Extra service
2. Mature in stockings
3. Black guy hits his girl’s pussy the hard way
4. Blonde riding on man
5. Teens posing in pantyhose
6. College orgy at a local poolhouse
7. Kinky lady in high boots
8. Mom is not afraid to experiment with her son
9. Three guys sharing a fat housewife
10. Amateur Babe Use Vibrator In Bathtub
11. Teen shows real titanic titties
12. Drunken college sluts gangbanging at local pool tennis