mardi, décembre 20, 2005


It's the end of the year. Time to take a rest. Share your sleep with people who can't find sleep! CALL 0820007256 NOW! (Share your sleep with others is a nonprofit charitable organization).

What follows has nothing to do with sleep. In fact, it does: it's boring like history... Reading the excellent book called Les croisades vues par les Arabes by Amin Malouf, I went to think that Ousama Ben Laden and Al Qaida find an historical justification in the person of Hassan Sabbah (1034-1124) and the Haschischins sect (assassins in french) that he founded in the XIth century. A sect based on terrorism and kamikaze solo actions... After a short research on internet, OBL himself confirms this impression: Hassan Sabbah, also called 'Le Vieux de la montagne' ('the Old man of the Mountain') was a model for Oussama and the Haschischins actions for Al Qaida style.

Since my own turnip sect against bad movies didn't work very well, I propose to launch an other sect/organization based on this: you just take a nap in a public place. This solo action will mean nothing to the passersby, but a lot to the states: mind your own dreams and nightmares (as we have seen after Katrina or the french riots) and slow down.