samedi, juillet 16, 2005


My grand father Theodore Eisenbraun built this house in the 30's in Mulhouse, the hometown of William Wyler, Toog and the Schweissdissi. It was his first house. He drew it with only one arm since he lost the other one plus his friend when he was a kid, while playing with a bomb. Wars also kill after war. This house has nothing remarquable like Gerry, Niemayer, Koolhaas or Ban. It only has about 30 windows by floor. Which is a lot of work when the time of cleaning has come. Why so many windows? I guess Theodore Eisenbraun preferred to have many windows showing small cuts of reality instead of having few and large windows showing wide cuts. Maybe he also loved to watch the buxom buttocks of the cleaning woman and caress her with his wooden arm.