samedi, mars 26, 2005


It was a big surprise to see Beck's new album cover by Marcel Dzama. We have seen his incredible drawings on a corner in a gallery wall in the 13th arrondissement (rue Louise Weiss, the street where many contemporary galleries relocated). Dzama comes from Winnipeg, like the notso underground film maker Guy Maddin.

Momus and Toog visited a Henry Darger exhibition in Atlanta, back in 1998. The night before, after the show, we went to a strange strip club and one of the girls tried to sell her poems to Momus. I think he bought it since he was fearing her giant breast... I'm also fearing big breast, it looks like yoghurt packaging.

Henry Darger seems to have been one of Dzama's influences. Darger, the mad genius (America loves mad geniuses in folk art) who wrote the story of the Vivian Girls. I wrote a vivian girl song, one song about a Darger's vivian girl, sung by Kumi from The Konki Duet.

Henry Darger

Today is Pâques. Momus post about the kidult culture (26th march 2005) is very challenging. And thanks to David Fenechfor all the good music he shares.