vendredi, mars 04, 2005


Having met with DJ-Asia near Opera she called me my ghostly friend my friendly ghost I said I am not a party people I asked her would you like to play a role in a movie called Lou étendue a movie in which you would be spanked by a poet the beautiful DJ said yes my friend Thomas from Big Pants lost his bonnet Hirolyn said that my kaballa number is 4 which means concentration I offered Asia a drink Parisians smoke too much but I prefer a club with too much smoke than with no smoke the day after went to Alsace to see my father in the hospital walked alone in the deep snow in a forest tried to find la neige vierge followed my own track couldn't catch up with the animal tonight at the Cosmic Wonder fashion sh-n-ow Place Des Vosges a lot of snow but they stupid closed the garden the show was called Magic Village I love their work I love them they are japanese artists making fashion business I have been modelling naked for their 2003 performance seating hiding now I am writing a poem about Visage not the band stupid the face want to do a poetry reading with music.