lundi, février 28, 2005


Do the world need jackalopes? Yes of course. Many species are about to disappear, even amongst the imaginary ones. We have to protect imaginary animals as we protect real animals. Who wants to become the Brigitte Bardot for imaginary species? There is less work to do.

If you watch this jackalope attentively you will notice that he is wearing a mask, which means he is a fake one and nothing but a vulgar rabbit. Which doesn't mean that we don't have to protect an animal who pretends to belong to an imaginary species while being a real animal. It's his own choice and nobody could blame such a rabbit. Unless it's a fox.

If a fox which is a real animal wants to make me believe that he's a real jackalope (an imaginary rabbit wearing horns), wether he thinks I am totally nuts and he wants to trick me, or he has a serious problem with his fox identity. And there is no Lacan-esque Brigitte Bardot of the imaginary animals who could help him.

Drawing by Florence Manlik.