lundi, janvier 03, 2005

December 31

Our last dinner was a soba dinner in a restaurant called YEN near café de Flore. A very good place. I'm suspecting Yen of Apartheid since we were not allowed to eat on the first floor which was full of Japanese.

January 01

"My Architect" by Nathaniel Kahn. This documentary is smart, sensitive, moving, funny and spiritual. We were enthousiastic after watching it. It gives hope. Both my grandfathers were architects. Seeing Louis Kahn I can see my grandfather, elegant and smart. Old architects are always elegant and smart. I wonder how my grandfather could become an architect with only his left arm left being right handed. He lost his right arm as a kid during WWI playing with a bomb. I was born left handed.

January 02

Puces de Saint-Ouen. When we were 20 years old we loved the area of the Puces which is close to the Périphérique. Now, at the age of 120, we love Marché Paul Bert, Marché Vernaison, Serpette, Dauphine and the beauty of the old, instead of the beauty of the cheap and fake. We bought a 60's black chair and a 60's thin table for the computer since the previous fitting was a nightmare for the neck, a neckmare. We payed 200 euros for both which is less expensive than Habitat and more personal.

I wonder why when I watch a movie with Georges Clooney I'm always waiting for the time he will shave.

"Le Yakusa n'a pas même levé le petit doigt pour nous aider".
"Le sens de la propriété est la chose la mieux partagée au monde".