vendredi, juin 04, 2004

The swimmer

I kicked the habit after 24 years, without having "decided" to stop smoking. How is it possible?

The method I used is very simple. First I decided to go swimming 2 times a week. The first day, I swam 45 minutes with no stop. I was breathless. The next time, I decided that I would go to swim at 6 PM. For freeing my breath, I stopped smoking at 2 PM. At 8 PM, after my 45 minutes swimming-with-no-stop achievement, I was feeling better. I decided to not celebrate this small victory with a cigarette and did a long walk instead. Then straight to bed.

The day after, at 10 AM, the most poignant screams of addiction were already dumb. I decided that I would not call her back.

Four months later, I still have the feeling, some mornings, to have smoked tons of cigarettes the last night. And it's hard to follow the 2 times a week swimming program. This is my method, it's free, cheap and it works. It's not a method you choose because you want to stop smoking, it's a method you choose because you want to become a swimmer.