mardi, juin 15, 2004

Pretty Baby Boom

From one shot to another, Susan Eldridge can whether look like Brooke Shields in "Pretty Baby" or become one of the sexiest woman on earth. I have never seen that before, apart in Kahimi Karie, who also "carries" this mystery.

I remember hitchhiking with Kahimi and her friend Mayumi in the summer 2000, for watching the total eclipse in Normandy. The woman who stopped asked Kahimi "to sit on her mother's knees". Her mother was 5 years younger than her!

Thinking about these two women, I can imagine that something like a trauma happened in their childhood. Face and mind (I don't know for Susan Eldridge) have crystalized at a very young age. Beauty has been forever trapped in childhood.

I think that every man is sensitive to it. In certain angles, the woman looks like a child, in other angles, she can be extremely hot. I would call their very special beauty the "nestalgia", nostalgia of the primitive nest.