mardi, juin 15, 2004

Meltdown London

Sparks played "Kimono my House" a la mode 1974, and "Lil' Beethoven" a la mode 2004. Two different shows, two different stage settings. It was worth crossing the ocean(s) to be part of this journey. For the first time since I met Momus, I felt close to other musicians.

"Lil' Beethoven" was unbelievable; I was moved like a child. Russel Mael wasn't expecting a standing ovation. He looked like drunk and he couldn't leave the stage. This wasn't a concert, this was an experience! Here is what NME online said the day after the show:

"The ambition, grandeur and wit made the Pet Shops look paltry: and it was all achieved with brains, not budget. A standing ovation greeted the finale of an epic night. "Bravo!" was spelt out onscreen; no-one argued. For fans old and new, the spectacular Sparks flew."