vendredi, mai 21, 2004


This morning I went to a small book fair in Halle Saint Pierre, at the bottom of Montmartre. Some good stuff, especially some funny drawings published by Memo: the repeated same image of Guillaume Tell with variantes, such as the apple in the mouth of the boy, Guillaume aiming at him, or the apple replacing the boy's head, or the boy hidden in a pile of apples... But I couldn't find any fresh idea for our poetry magazine called TO.

Noura is already organizing the launching of "TO" in New York, with a collective called "Ugly Ducklings". She recently did a lecture about philosophy in Montreal and met a publisher. She was proposed to translate Maurice G. Dantec in english. She knows how "sulfureuse" the reputation of this writer is. I told her to prefer a percentage to a fee, since this book will be published in north America when Kassowitz movie will be released.

And it's a Hollywood production.

I had a meeting with my friends Nadia and Leon, who work together as fashion designers. They will get married on 5th june, under the armenian rite. Leon is still working for Ungaro, doing also some free lance design, and Nadia will launch a magazine at the end of 2004, a fashion magazine based on the Advent calendar. Leon wants to go back playing drums in a rock band. He says all the pop can be summerized in Revolver (Beatles), the only true discovery.

I don't know Revolver.

I checked the internet to see what was going on with Asia Argento's movie in Cannes. 700 people couldn't enter the cinema to watch it! She sayed her movie is going in all directions. A journalist mentions the scene in which the boy sings the Sex Pistols to his ultra conservative grand father as one of the best scenes. Asia is behind, it's not a narcissist exercise. It's a real tentative to create something new and entertaining, based on the true J.T. Leroy's memories. I am sure it is a good movie. Because Asia is not thinking too much; she is trusting herself and going on. She acts.

I wrote an email to Terry Richardson's office the last night, because I would love to send a copy of "Lou Etendue" to his muse and model Susan Eldrige, when it will be out. Because she's having this lolita side which is inspiring me a lot. I would love to have her singing a song of mine. We were sitting in front of Eres shop with Leon and Nadia, near Madeleine. Leon met Susan at Ungaro. She had her neck covered with little succions scars.