dimanche, mai 23, 2004

Mind shelves

Musical projects sleeping on the lazy mind shelves


a duet with Toog and Kumi Okamoto, from the Konki Duet (Active Suspension), one full album demo has been recorded during the summer 2003. I like some of the songs with their demo touch; one song, "Alphabet Soup", has been released through Beikoku Ongaku's compilation in Japan.


Panda 43 is a duet with Florence Manlik. We recorded a 7" for the french label Safari in the year 2000. The main purpose for this project, was to compose with an old Panda organ, with no Midi equipment, and to privilege humour and instant recording process. A full album's ready, but it also needs a better production.


Ergroun was my first album, recorded in 1996 and released in 1998 for a (shhhh...) label based in Marseille. Listening to it, I am thinking of recording better versions for some of these tracks.


Goot would be a collection of my early songs (recorded between 1982 and 1990), remixed by various musicians. I do have about 50 tapes, mainly recorded on a 4 tracks recorder, the super heavy Tascam 244. Most of the songs are ugly attemps to sound like an english New Wave band, but some are OK.